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EX4 Review - Criminal Justice 2350 Court Systems and...

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Unformatted text preview: Criminal Justice 2350 Court Systems and Criminal Procedure EXAM 4 REVIEW Chapter 15: Summary The terms verdict means a t rue declaration In a bench t rial, the judge describes the verdict In a jury trial, the jury decides the verdict. If the judge believes that the prosecution has failed to establish the guilt of the defendant, the judge should enter a directed verdict of acquittal. A mistrial occurs when, because of an event, the judge concludes that a fair t rial is impossible. The pronouncement of judgment is normally considered the oral sentencing of the defendant by the judge in open court, but technically it also includes the written judgment of the judge. The defendant may appeal his or her conviction or sentence or both. The prosecution has only limited rights of appeal. Chapter 16: Summary Blood feuds resulted when it became a family responsibility to avenge a wrong. Imprisonment as punishment was not used in early English history. Banishment was one of the first forms of punishment. The colonies permitted the use of whipping as punishment. Today, imprisonment is one of the most common forms of punishment. In most states, the judge determines the sentence. In a few states, like Texas, the defendant may choose to be sentenced by a jury. Most states require a presentence investigation prior to the imposition of a sentence for a felony conviction. Probation is one of the most popular forms of punishment today. The U.S. Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishments....
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EX4 Review - Criminal Justice 2350 Court Systems and...

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