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Chapter 1 vocabulary

Chapter 1 vocabulary - legal proceedings Jurisdiction the...

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Chapter 1 Vocabulary Abstract goals-  the underlying principles upon which our justice system is based Atonement-  a designated price to be paid or duty to be performed by an offender to the  victim or victim’s family when a certain crime was committed Code of hammurabi-  one of the 1 st -known attempts to establish a written code of conduct Court rules-  rules issued by the courts to regulate the process in the courts in the areas not  regulated by statues, regulations, and other rules Due process-  those procedures that effectively guarantee individual rights in the face of  criminal prosecution and those procedures that are fundamental rules for fair and orderly 
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Unformatted text preview: legal proceedings Jurisdiction- the power of a court to act in regard to the individual or subject matter Orientation goals- those goals of the justice system that are oriented in one of two opposite directions-law and order or individual rights Pragmatic goals- CJ goals related to preventing crime and developing better environmental conditions in the neighborhoods that foster law-abiding behavior Standards- detail goals to improve the justice system Trial by ordeal- an ordeal in which the accused was required to perform some physical task to prove his or her innocence Venue- the geographic location of the court...
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