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Chapter 6 vocabulary

Chapter 6 vocabulary - Insanity the abnormal mental state...

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Chapter 6 vocabulary Change of venue-  moving of the trial to a different geographical location Competency-  refers to the mental state of the defendant at the time of trial. A  defendant must be able to assist his or her counsel in defending of the case Constitutional right to speedy trial-  the defendant’s right to a speedy trial  guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment. Speedy trial time starts when prosecution  is commenced Continuance-  the delay of a trial at the request of one of the parties
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Unformatted text preview: Insanity- the abnormal mental state of the defendant at the time that the crime was committed Statute of limitations- the time within which criminal proceedings must commence after the commission of the crime. Some crimes, such as murder, have no stature of limitations Statutory right to a speedy trial- defendant’s right to a speedy trial, which is guaranteed by a statute...
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