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Chapter 7 vocabulary - Petty offenses offenses which have a...

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Chapter 7 vocabulary Alternate juror-  a person who sits with the jury during the trial and is prepared to  serve as a jury member if one of the regular jurors is excused or disqualified Bench trial-  a trial by a judge without a jury Court trial-  a trial by a judge without a jury Impartial trial by jury-  a jury that starts the case without any preconceived  opinions regarding the guilty or innocence of the defendant Locked-down jury-  a jury that has been sent to the deliberations room to start  deliberations on the findings
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Unformatted text preview: Petty offenses- offenses which have a maximum jail time of 6 months and a fine of not more than $500 Public trial- a trial that the public has a right to attend Right of the press and the public to access to criminal trials- the constitutional right of the public and the press to attend a criminal trial granted by the First Amendment Right to trial by jury- right of a defendant to have his or her case decided by a fair and impartial jury...
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