Chapter 8 Notes

Chapter 8 Notes - 1 CJ 2350 Court Systems and Criminal...

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1 CJ 2350 Court Systems and Criminal Procedure Chapter 8: Confrontation and Assistances of Counsel  Key Terms: Appointed counsel- a counsel that has been appointed by the judge to represent the defendant Bench warrant- a warrant issued by the judge during a trial. It is issued from the judge’s bench Conviction in absentia- conviction of a defendant in which the defendant is not present in court Effective counsel- an attorney who exercises the normal standards of effectiveness in representing his or her client Farce or sham test- a test formerly used to determine if the defense counsel adequately represented the defendant. The defense must be more than a sham or farce Indigent defendant- a defendant who lacks the resources to afford to hire his or her attorney Retained counsel- counsel that has been selected and employed by the defendant Public defender- an attorney who works for the state and has the duty of defending indigent defendants Right of confrontation- the constitutional right of a defendant to confront the witness against him or her. It includes the right to cross-examine the witness Self-representation- a defendant’s acting as his or her own attorney Standby counsel- an attorney appointed by a judge to be available to consult with the defendant in cases where the defendant represents himself or herself PRESENCE OF THE DEFENDANT AT A TRIAL -In some countries, an accused person may be tried and convicted of a crime without  being  present and without knowing that a trial has taken place.  - Conviction in absentia-
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Chapter 8 Notes - 1 CJ 2350 Court Systems and Criminal...

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