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Management EX 1 - CJ 3323 M id-Level Management Mijares...

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CJ 3323 Mid-Level Management Mijares Exam 1: Review 1. What is difficult to measure in the police and courts despite their value? goals 2. Who argued that effective leadership within organizations cannot be understood  without reference to the manipulation, management, and, in some cases, the  destruction of organizational culture? Schein 3. What factor in organizations involves not just attitudes and values held by  individuals but also an organizations ethos? Socialization 4. What threat has changed how we understand criminal justice organizations and  how they function? Terrorism 5. Who contends that leadership “refers to a process that helps direct and mobilize  people and their ideas?  Leadership 6. What are the characteristics of organic agencies? Horizontal hierarchy, peer oriented, advice given, flexible networks of professional staff who perform a variety of tasks. 7. What does the term scaler principle refer to? Number of individuals reporting to one supervisor 8. What does a well-written policy provide?  Statement of purpose, actions and a rationale for the purpose. 9. What are the characteristics of an ideal bureaucracy? Written mission of purpose that is logically implemented by policies and procedures. 10. How does the text describe the informal structure or organizations? Goals, activities, or structures that are not officially acknowledged. 11. In which court case did the United State supreme Court effectively  end capital  punishment in the United States for more than a decade? Furman v. Georgia 12. What does the use of computer technology in the judicial system accomplish? Legal research is more efficient and judges can refer to case law while at the benches. 1
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CJ 3323 Mid-Level Management Mijares Exam 1: Review 13. Who found that offenders in communities with high income inequality typically  receive harsher sentences than offenders in other jurisdictions? Fearn
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Management EX 1 - CJ 3323 M id-Level Management Mijares...

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