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Midlevel Management - Midlevel Management 1 Etzioni...

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Midlevel Management 1. Etzioni described organizations as social units deliberately constructed and reconstructed to seek specific goals 2. A latent goal of an organization is survival, which usually translates into competition for resources and constant expansion. 3. Hall and Tolbert advised considering organizations as arenas of struggles for power 4. Organizations develop cultures that guide the behaviors of its members as well as the organization itself 5. Lipsky argued that front-line staff in street-level bureaucracies, which include most of those working in criminal justice, determine organizational policy. 6. Chester Barnard recognized the concurrent existence of formal and informal structures within the organizations during the 1930’s. 7. Of the 59 federal agencies in the U.S. Department of Justice 8 agencies are law enforcement specific. 8. The relationship between an organization’s culture and its mission is its policy. ( please check this I do not know if this is right this may be policy) 9. In organic agencies leadership tends to be peer- oriented rather than superior- subordinate. 10. Most criminal justice agencies in the United States are relatively small and serve suburban and rural communities 11. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 opened the door to civil litigation against criminal justice agencies. 12. As environmental conditions change, demands for goods and services, legal and resource limitations, and support for and opposition to the programs of both public and private organizations may also change. 13. Thompson, Svirdoff, and McElroy stated that research on unemployment rates
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Midlevel Management - Midlevel Management 1 Etzioni...

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