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Midlevel Management Test 2

Midlevel Management Test 2 - Midlevel Management Test 2 1...

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Midlevel Management Test 2 1. The theory that includes the process of viewing people simplistically as either winners or losers is called achievement- power- affiliation theory. 2. The second concern of need theory is that human beings must feel safe in their environments and free from any attack by aggressors. 3. Expectancy theory includes consideration of valences, or the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction produced by various outcomes 4. Theory Z has had limited application in public organizations 5. Theory X is based on beliefs that individuals in organizations are lazy, lack ambition, are predominantly self- centered, resistant to change, and on the whole are not too bright 6. The development of electronic monitoring systems for offenders also appears to be altering the jobs of probation and parole agents. 7. The motivation hygiene theory was developed by Herzberg in the late 1950s. 8. According to model of team policing job design is not concerned simply with improved efficiency but with motivating employees with their higher order needs. (still not sure about this one he said pg 160) 9. The focus of job redesign programs in continuous process industries , such as chemical production, have typically involved the creation of autonomous work groups 10. Stone and Stoker refer to the trend toward decreased police discretion and increased managerial control of police job performance as deprofessionalization syndrome 11. The leadership process is a group process.
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