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Chapter 10: Concluding Conceptual Design: Moving Toward Detailed Design 109 CHAPTER 10: CONCLUDING CONCEPTUAL DESIGN: MOVING TOWARD DETAILED DESIGN Chapter outline Bill of materials Considerations in detailed design Key guidelines for concluding conceptual design and moving toward detailed design To inform your client of how much it costs to build the prototype, construct a Bill of Materials that includes the following information for each item used: description, including material and dimensions quantity source from which it was purchased catalog part number cost per unit total cost In freshman engineering, you will concentrate on conceptual design. That is, your projects will culminate in the presentation of a design concept that solves the client’s problem and addresses user needs. To test that concept and dem- onstrate it to your client, you will have to move part way into the second major phase: detailed design. In EDC, that phase will consist of producing a prototype that embodies key features of your design. You will need to figure out exactly where certain components will connect, how far apart holes must be drilled, what kinds of fasteners to use, and other such problems. In a few cases, your detailed design might include a fully functional “looks like/works like” prototype. This most often occurs if you are creating a “one off”—a unique design for a single user, such as a toy for disabled children at Children’s Memorial Hospital or a wheelchair ramp for a specific client’s front entrance. In completing a detailed design, you will produce a bill of materials and dimensioned drawings that depict all components of the system.
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edc_2011_10 - Chapter 10: Concluding Conceptual Design:...

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