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Chapter 24: Final Reports 239 CHAPTER 24: FINAL REPORTS Chapter outline Planning a final report Structure and content of a final report Cover and binding Title page –F r o n t m a t t e r Table of contents List of figures List of tables Executive summary –B o d y References Appendices Writing style for a formal report Key guidelines for final reports Follow this structure for the body of the report: executive summary—explain the problem, requirements, and final design (in no more than a page) introduction—summarize the report's purpose and preview its organization discussion of major users and requirements design concept—use verbal explanations and dimensioned draw-
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Chapter 24: Final Reports 240 Arrange appendices in the order in which you refer to them in the body of the report Follow the guidelines discussed in Chapter 21 regarding the use of figures, tables, headings, lists, and page numbers This chapter explains how to write a final report about a design. You will write this kind of report at the end of each quarter of EDC. The goal is to per- suade the client (and others in the client’s organization) that a proposed design solves the problem in a way that fulfills the major stakeholder needs. It must also include whatever information is necessary for your client to proceed with the project, particularly a discussion of limitations of the design concept. 24.1 PLANNING A FINAL REPORT To understand how to plan a final report, let’s look at how one team considers content in relation to audience, purpose, and tone (see discussion of “commu- nication square” in Chapter 18). The project was to design a new library for a local elementary school. Audience : Our clients—the school principal and parents and teachers on the library planning board— are knowledgeable about school libraries, so we need to anticipate their questions about, and objec- tions to, our design features. It’s also possible the principal will show the report to building contractors, so we need to present drawings with detailed measurements and specifications (especially in the appendices). •P u r p o s e : To explain all aspects of our design, how it satisfies all client
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edc_2011_24 - Chapter 24 Final Reports CHAPTER 24 FINAL...

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