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Chapter 29: Writing Essays about Design 309 CHAPTER 29: WRITING ESSAYS ABOUT DESIGN Chapter outline Analytical essays (EDC I) Persuasive essays (EDC II) Format and visual design in the essay Key guidelines for writing essays about design Focus the essay on a clear, concise thesis that states your stand on the topic Organize the essay to develop the thesis logically Support the thesis with evidence from research, testing, analysis, rea- soning, and observation Use figures where necessary to illustrate key points Follow the guidelines in these chapters: Chapter 21: Visual Communication Chapter 25: Revising for Clarity, Conciseness, and Correctness Chapter 26: Documenting Sources—and Avoiding Plagiarism Much of the writing in EDC is team-based, or collaborative, writing. Because the course serves to fulfill your writing requirement, however, it is important that everyone have an opportunity to write on his or her own and to revise that writing based on feedback from instructors and other students. Essay assign- ments in both quarters of EDC give you that opportunity. In addition, the con- tent of the essays allows you to reflect on what you are learning about design in EDC. The essays should represent your best writing. You’ll be asked to write two drafts of each and will receive feedback from your instructors between drafts. Four other chapters of this text provide advice that you will need to use in writing these essays: Chapter 2: “Researching and Defining the Problem” The essays should be based on good research and problem definition. Both
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Chapter 29: Writing Essays about Design 310 essays will depend upon understanding what constitutes problems and solutions in human-centered design. Chapter 21: “Visual Communication” The essays should be formatted using the guidelines from this chapter. The chapter also provides advice on using figures and tables. Chapter 25: “Revising for Clarity, Conciseness, and Correctness” The essays should be well-organized with well-focused paragraphs. They also need to be edited to eliminate vagueness and wordiness. Chapter 26: “Documenting Sources—and Avoiding Plagiarism” All the sources in your essay should be documented in a reference list. All quotations, paraphrases, and source-specific facts should be docu- mented with parenthetical citations. This chapter focuses primarily on the content of the two essays. It ends with a brief discussion of visual communication in essays. 29.1 ANALYTICAL ESSAYS (EDC I) The EDC first quarter essay focuses on analysis. For this assignment, you will write a 3-4 page double-spaced essay, analyzing a product or system from a design point of view. You can choose from a number of different approaches, as long as they have been approved by your section instructors: 1. Identify a product or system that you believe is well designed, based on design criteria that you learn about in EDC. Analyze why the design is
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edc_2011_29 - Chapter 29: Writing Essays about Design...

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