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Appendix H: Performance Testing Report 353 APPENDIX H: PERFORMANCE TESTING REPORT The following performance test report comes from a team whose project was to determine the feasibility of producing a phosphorescent concrete material that would provide added safety in parking garages, runways, etc. Source: Long, A., Rein, J., Smith, A. & Smith, L. (2006). Glowcrete: A Thin- Layer Approach to the Development of Self-Illuminating Concrete. Engi- neering Design and Communication, Northwestern University. Purpose The objective of this investigation was to determine whether a phosphores- cent concrete could be produced. Of the various possible ways to make phos- phorescent concrete, the addition of a thin phosphorescent concrete layer on top of pure concrete appeared to be the most promising. This material’s phos- phorescent layer contained doped strontium aluminate additives. The reason- ing behind choosing this approach is discussed below, along with an analysis of the feasibility of this approach. Methodology Phosphorescent Properties Testing. Before any phosphorescent testing was performed, the thin-layer surface of the cement was sanded down gently to remove any CaO buildup that formed while the sample was setting in the CaO
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edc_2011_H - Appendix H: Performance Testing Report...

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