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Unformatted text preview: Appendix Q: Terms used in Engineering Design and Communication 403 APPENDIX Q: TERMS USED IN ENGINEERING DESIGN AND COMMUNICATION Every field has its own language, its own set of acronyms and buzzwords. Part of learning that field is learning the language. This glossary is a design and communication language reference, organized alphabetically. The follow- ing subcategories may aid your navigation. Design process Prototyping and manufacturing User testing and analysis Visual communication Affordance Alternative designs Brainstorming Clustering Competitive product Conceptual design Decision matrix Design process Design requirements Design review Detailed design Downstream technology Engineering release Expert interview Failure modes Feature Field testing FMEA Forcing function Function Functional specifications Gantt chart Hierarchical organization Human-centered design Industrial design (I.D) Lab testing Latent defects Mental model Mission statement Mockup Model product Performance metrics Pert chart Product analysis Product specification Project notebook Prototype QFD Rapid prototyping Specification Upstream technology Alpha Assembly Beta Blow Molding Breadboard BOM CAD/CAE CAM Cavity CNC Core DFM Draft Engineering check model Extrusion First articles Hard tooling Injection molding LCD Lead times LED MTBF Machine tool Mating parts Multiple cavity PCB Piece parts Pilot build/pilot produc- tion Pre-production parts Press Preliminary engineering Prototype Rapid prototyping Rapid prototyping machine Single cavity Soft tooling Solid modeling Surfacing SLA Three (3) D file Tooling Tweaking Wire frame Demographics Ethnographic analysis Field testing Focus group Interview guide Paper tests Rapid prototyping Shadowing Stakeholders Structured group meet- ings User User observation Concept sketch Control drawings Database Detail drawings Drawing Life cycle boards Mockup Model, visual Orthographic Project notebook Render Sketch Sketch model Solid modeling Surfacing Thumbnail Three (3) D file Wire frame Written Communication Design requirements Engineering release Functional specifications Meeting agenda Mission statement Product specification Progress report Project definition Project notebook Proposal Specification Technical brief Appendix Q: Terms used in Engineering Design and Communication 404 Affordance The set of possible actions a person can make on the product is called the affordances. Note that not all affordances are desirable: a person can throw, kick, and hide behind objects, even if this was not why they were designed. A good designer makes the desirable affordances visible, so that they are readily discovered and easily understood. Alpha An Alpha is a functional prototype. It is synonymous with prototype but is process related. (An Alpha always precedes a Beta). An Alpha is always generated by an engineering database or 2D documentation and is fab- ricated from materials appropriate for the application, but may not necessarily...
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edc_2011_Q - Appendix Q: Terms used in Engineering Design...

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