chapter 22 - 1 Ligia Halvorsen June 10, 2010 Prof....

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1 Ligia Halvorsen June 10, 2010 Prof. Lieberman EBS 016-017 How to do a writing report paper pg. 422. Assignment I. Chapter 22 a) Read the chapter b) Under line the six steps c) Complete two activities II. c) C OMPLETE TWO ACTIVITIES A CTIVITY 1 S ET 1: O RIGINAL P ASSAGE The self-confessed television addict often feels he “ought” to do other things but the fact that he doesn’t read and doesn’t plant his garden or sew or crochet or play games or have conversations means that those activities are no longer as desirable as television. In a way the heavy viewer’s life is as imbalanced by his television “habit” as a drug addicts or an alcoholic’s. He is living in a holding pattern, as it were, passing up the activities that lead to growth or development or a sense of accomplishment. This is one reason people talk about their television viewing so ruefully, so apologetically. They are aware that it is an unproductive experience, that almost any other endeavor is more worthwhile by any human measure. _Marie Winn, from”television Addiction,”
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2 in The Plug-In Drug (Viking Penguin, 2002 U ---------- a) Television addicts may feel they should do other things like play games or have conversations. But they pass up activities that might lead to sense of accomplishment. Their lives are as imbalanced by their television watching as a drug addicts or alcoholic’s. Aware of how unproductive television viewing is, they talk about it apologetically (24) A ---------- b) Tv addicts feel that they ought to spend their time doing more worthwhile activities. But like alcohol or drugs, TV has taken over their lives. The addicts’ apologetic tone when they talk about their TV watching indicates that they know they’re wasting time on a completely unproductive activity (24)
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chapter 22 - 1 Ligia Halvorsen June 10, 2010 Prof....

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