couch - he was working didn’t offer it Court’s Holding...

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Professor L. Joel LGL 103. Ligia Halvorsen Case name and citation George C. Byrne, JR., v Fords –Clara Barton 236 N.J. Super. 185 (Appellate Division 1989) Procedural History: Defendant partial summary judgment and was granted immunity for being a volunteer coach. Plaintiff, baseball player, appealed the order of partial summary judgment and immunity that was previous granted to the Defendant. Facts: Plaintiff Baseball player began an action against Defendant for injuries that the plaintiff sustained when he got hit in the eye by a pitch ball. Defendant instructed the underage Plaintiff to warm up the pitcher but failed to address the Plaintiff to wear the catcher’s mask to protect his face. Ball Struck Plaintiff in the eye causing serious injuries. Legal Issues: Is the Defendant liable for not attending the safety training program even though the place where
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Unformatted text preview: he was working didn’t offer it? Court’s Holding: Yes, the Defendant is liable. It is the responsibility of the Defendant to attend a safety training program. Court’s Reasoning: The construction of the original version has been expressly confirm by the senate statement attending 1988 amendment which states that any couch, manager, or official can satisfy the training program requirements of the little league liability law, P.L.1986,C… 5 the Legislature described that the program referred to in the original act as mandated rather than optional. It is concluded that [HN3] volunteer coach who has not participated in a safety program, for whatever reason, is barred from reliance on the statutory immunity....
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couch - he was working didn’t offer it Court’s Holding...

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