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Ligia Halvorsen June 1, 2010 Prof. Lieberman EBS 016-017 THE LADY OR THE TIGER BY Frank Stockton The lady or the tiger is an interesting story that describes the time in which the author got inspired, perhaps in the medieval ages. In the old days the Latin culture was consider refine and educated. This particular king is classified as, not entirely educated; perhaps his methods were not particularly advance methods, for which he was consider barbaric. In order to maintain a kingdom or govern over a mass of people, there had to be protocols to follow. This reader does not believe that, the method used by the king, to reward or punish someone was necessarily justice, because only the cases that attracted the king would go through the door process. The person in trial had to choose one of the two doors, whether guilty or not, the case was not properly heard or argued, nevertheless it was said to be justice. How can this method be justice? When if the person was guilty and opened the door where the reward was, a fair lady was given in marriage right on the spot, and what if the person was innocent? And chose the door where the fierce tiger awaits to unleash his predator instinct, the second the door opens. The king’s methods were exclusively for entertainment purposes, under the umbrella of justice, it can be called barbaric. The so called progressive Latin neighbors used to do the same, with the gladiators and it was also for pure enjoyment. As far as the king’s daughter was concerned, she
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was protected by her father, especially by the differences of class. With contrast, the youth was a poor present. The king’s purpose was to punish the handsome youth, but in reality, he was punishing his daughter as well. There was a dilemma, if the youth were to choose the door where the tiger was, he would die, this would hurt the princess, and if he were to choose the door
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lay or the tiger - Ligia Halvorsen June 1, 2010 Prof....

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