license to parenthood

license to parenthood - results Make the children feel safe...

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Rudina Gaba Ligia Harvorsen June 8, 2010 EBS 016-017 Prof. L. Lieberman LICENSE TO PARENTHOOD Life is full of responsibilities, being 18 years of age is only the beginning of what is ahead. Before making plans to become a parent, much thought and energy has to be invested. Being a parent is a very difficult task, one that has to be carefully planned. There are some things that must be taken under consideration, such as education, maturity, respect and cooperation. Structure is one of the many essential steps that parents must put in to place, if the goal is to be successful with the children. Part of being a mature parent means; be willing to listen to children, allowing them to expose thoughts without negative criticism. Respect one another, in order to achieve positive
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Unformatted text preview: results. Make the children feel safe to display ideas or plans, in order to achieve success. Implementing education benefits the children and the parents, because changes points of view, thoughts, behavior, and interactions. “Cooperation makes it happen, working together” (Sesame street. channel 13). Being a good parent is hard to do, but by teaching children the importance of working together, is absolutely necessary. Consideration towards others can be one of the many tools that, parents could arm their children to succeed. Children learn as they see, and if what they see is positive role models most likely they would become confident and pass it on to their own children....
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license to parenthood - results Make the children feel safe...

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