Three It Pot - H alvorsen 1 June 17, 2010 Ligiat Halvorsen...

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Halvorsen 1 June 17, 2010 Ligiat Halvorsen Prof. Lieberman EBS 016-017 Mastery practice essay test 2 I. Manners, is it something that belongs in the past? Or can it still be rescued? Modern day society seems not to have the same principals as in the past. It is a shame to literally be around today’s youth or even children. Young adults are full of life and of course they know it all, but it used to be pleasant to be in between them, such a joy, use to be with energetic human beings. What has happened is that, young ones are surrender by too many bad influences, and not enough banduries. In the name of prosperity children are abounded from a very young age, not watched by a responsible adult, and most likely on their own for most of their tender years. The result of this catastrophic consequence is that, the rate of criminals are a lot younger than years past. The way that young people conduct themselves in this day and age, is atrogeous. II. Most of young people don’t know how to react, or carry themselves. Youngsters lock the ability to respond or behave properly. For the most part, young people act as they think they should, but it isn’t always the right way. Their atrocious manners or better yet the lock of it, are seen every day. Is it the parents fault? No,
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Three It Pot - H alvorsen 1 June 17, 2010 Ligiat Halvorsen...

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