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Kelvin S. Rubio Period 5 1/6/10 Back in fourth grade I drew pictures of monsters inspired by Pokémon, Digimon, and Yugioh, I called them Battmon. This was in the year 2001, six years later I redrawn them and I even create a character, he had spiky red hair, a blue tunic, baggy pants, and a wielded a sword and shield, I named him Jano. Today I have redrawn Jano into a realistic looking character, and renamed him Judas. I even drew new monsters in a more realistic format. My love of drawing and interest in video games told me one thing “I want to become a video game developer”. I had the idea of turning my creations into a video game; I even removed the Battmon title and changed it to Monster World. I started drawing many pictures of monster, characters, and even cover art. I decided at my senior year I would take art class which I did, but when I was given my job coach I was taken out of Art Class. I eventually managed to replace my drama class with art class. I also talked my sister Melanie into buying an art book for me. There I used it as inspiration for my art style
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This note was uploaded on 05/30/2011 for the course WRT 101 taught by Professor Shegriff during the Spring '08 term at Bergen Community College.

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New Wordpad Document - Kelvin S Rubio Period 5 Back in...

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