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Black vs White (final Revision)

Black vs White (final Revision) - Black vs White The...

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Black vs. White: The Perfect Body Throughout history there has been a growing debate about ethnical views of the women’s body. Michelle Ingrassia talked about the black and white women’s point of view of the human body in her essay, “The Body of the Beholder”. The theory is that women of the two ethnics view their body differently. The truth is that white women view the perfect body as skinny, were as the black women always satisfied with their weight. These races view perfection this way because they are influenced by media, friends and their peers. Media has a way of influencing people on what is right and wrong. From birth we have been influenced by the media, from toys and games, to magazines and television shows. As it turns out media is also responsible for how women of different ethnics view themselves as perfect. Barbie Dolls for example have strongly influenced adolescent girls, on the ideal body proportion since the 50’s. By ideal
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