Body of the Beholder

Body of the Beholder - Kelvin S Rubio Composition 1 Section...

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Kelvin S. Rubio 12/20/10 Composition 1, Section 075 Journal #4 Professor Petillo Body of the Beholder Writer Michele Ingrassia’s essay “Body of the Beholder” states that white women are more obsessed with being thin, while black women are happy with their bodies. I agree with the writer because I have actually seen this example in magazines, television, and all other forms of media. In fact I have wrote an essay in which I argue that there are a significant difference between how races view their bodies. White women are obsessed with being thin because they have subjected to it in media, their peers tell them that tight is right, and that society usually depicts them as such. Media has tainted the minds of white girls in many ways. Magazines targeting white women will often give tips on how to lose weight, what food you should eat and food you should avoid, and feature photos of skinny white women. Barbie dolls provoked much controversy due to her bizarrely portion body size that white adolescence thought was the ideal human body. Even after post feminist-era Barbie still influenced many girls that being thin will make you
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Body of the Beholder - Kelvin S Rubio Composition 1 Section...

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