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Proposal for document essay - But, is it really videogames...

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Kelvin S. Rubio 11/11/10 Composition 1, Section 075 Proposal Professor Petillo Proposal for document essay Are violent videogames responsible for corrupting a child’s mind? Have videogames been responsible for many incidents in the past? Are video games responsible for the uprising of violence? Since the introduction of videogames, there were numerous debates whether or not videogames promoted violence. The first game to spark controversy was a 1976 arcade game called Death Race which had players kills gremlins by running them over. Two games called Doom and Wolfenstein was believed to have inspired two highschool students to kill thirteen people and their own lives, in the Columbine Massacre. Simply put, of all media, videogames have been the subject of criticism in terms of promoting violence to children.
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Unformatted text preview: But, is it really videogames that are responsible for many crimes? The answer is no. Videogames are not responsible for the rise of violence, because there was already violence to begin with. Second, it is the parents’ responsibility to discover what games are appropriate for their child. Third and lastly, violence can occur from other reasons, which doesn’t involve videogames. Work Citations .. .....
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Proposal for document essay - But, is it really videogames...

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