Szpilman Final revision

Szpilman Final revision - Kelvin S. Rubio 12/20/10...

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Kelvin S. Rubio 12/20/10 Composition 1, Section 075 Final Revision Professor Petillo Wladyslaw Szpilman: the Jewish Pianist that S urvived the Holocaust Roman Polanski’s The Pianist is a film about one Jewish man who survived the holocaust and World War II. His name is Wladyslaw Szpilman and he was able to survive the onslaught because of many factors. First, he had a strong will to survive; he almost died of Jaundice and malnutrition, would resort to eating unpalatable food, and was placed into several hiding spots. Second, he was smart, calm, and patient; he knew what he had to do and what decisions he had to make. Lastly, he had fame, talent, and was fortunate ; he was able to escape certain doom many times, and had friends who helped him thanks to his career as famous pianist . The most important factor, to begin with, is the will to survive. T he Nazi soldiers would enforce new laws against the Jews, such as limiting the money they could possess per household, wearing a n arm band with the Star of David, and being forced to live in the Warsaw Ghetto where people died of disease and starvation, and were humiliated by the SS. Many of the Jews were forced to adapt to these new laws, resulting in many
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Szpilman Final revision - Kelvin S. Rubio 12/20/10...

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