The Child and the Video Game Final Revision

The Child and the Video Game Final Revision - The Child and...

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The Child and the Video Game : Harmless or Deadly Since the introduction of video games, there have been numerous debates on whether or not video games promote violence. Simply put, of all media, video games have been the subject of criticism in terms of promoting violence to children. But, is it really videogames that are responsible for many crimes? The answer is no. Video games are not responsible for the rise of violence, because there was already violence in society to begin with. Second, it is the parents’ responsibility to discover what games are appropriate for their child’s age and maturity level. Third and lastly, violence can occur from other reason, such as bullying, bad neighborhoods, and/or family history of violence. Many have assumed that videogames were what caused many forms of violence to occur. According to c ollege Professor Katherine Walker and a uthor Micah Issitt, The first game to depict violence was Death Race (1). The games objective was to run over as many gremlins as possible within a time limit. The game was banned , assuming it w ould encourage hit and run crimes to minors. Hit and Run crimes started, however, when the first car was commercially introduced. In fact, hit and run crimes could possibly be as early when people were riding on horses. You can’t assume that our society is violent simply because people watch violent images on screen. People had long lived in a society that resorted to violence as a way of solving conflicts. Countries have declared war against one another for centuries, so violence in the past was no uncommon. Another argument was that videogames provoked violence towards religion. Radio Talk Show Host Conan interviews Reverend Canon Paul Denby who is Sub Dean of Manchester
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Cathedral, about the video game Resistance: Fall of Man , and how the Church was used as a battle field in the game. Paul stated that to have the church depicted as it is in the game would exacerbate violence against religion. Contrary to this is during World War II German Nazi’s were committing mass murders toward Jewish civilians, as ordered by Adolf Hitler. In general,
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The Child and the Video Game Final Revision - The Child and...

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