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Math 22 Review Sheet

Math 22 Review Sheet - vi Vector Projection 12.4 Cross...

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Math 22 Midterm #1 Review Sheet Winter 2011 12.1: 3D Coordinate Systems Equations: i) Distance Formula ii) Sphere Equation 12.2: Vectors Equations: i) Vector Addition/Subtraction ii) Scalar Multiplication iii) Magnitude iv) Obtaining vector coordinates from two points v) Unit vectors vi) Standard Basis Vectors 12.3: Dot Product Equations: i) Dot Product (2 different equations) ii) Properties of Dot Product iii) Angle between two vectors iv) Direction Angles v) Scalar Projection
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Unformatted text preview: vi) Vector Projection 12.4: Cross Product Equations: i) Determinants ii) Cross Product (2 different equations) 12.5: Equations of Lines and Planes Equations: i) Direction Vector ii) Vector Equation of a Line iii) Parametric Equations of a Line iv) Symmetric Equations of a Line v) Normal Vector of a Plane vi) Equation of a Plane 13: Vector Functions and Space Curves Equations: i) Tangent vector and unit tangent vector...
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