Week 1, DQ 2 - risk of colon cancer. A person who consumes...

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Week 1, DQ2 How does a person's food pattern over time contribute to the development of diseases? Provide examples. The majority of Americans consume too many fatty and processed foods. The body stores excess consumed fat, which is a main contributor of diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and obesity. Environmental factors, such as diet, have a significant contribution to our overall health. Improper diet over one’s lifetime is a major contributor to many diseases. A diet rich in sugary foods can be a contributor to type II diabetes. A diet consisting primarily of smoked meats, BBQ meats, or pickled foods can put an individual at a higher
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Unformatted text preview: risk of colon cancer. A person who consumes foods high in cholesterol and fatty foods puts him/herself at risk of heart diseases, including loss of energy. Our society has accepted to substitute pills for proper nutrition. For example, instead of treating the cause of high blood pressure, pills encourage a victim of this disease to continue about his or her unhealthy lifestyle. In summation: Diets primarily consisting of At risk of Saturated fat and/or cholesterol Hyperlipidemia Excess fat Obesity, diabetes Excess calorie consumption Obesity, lifespan is shortened Sugars Diabetes, obesity Excess protein Cancer, kidney diseases...
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Week 1, DQ 2 - risk of colon cancer. A person who consumes...

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