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Week 2, DQ 2 - its second ingredient indicating that brown...

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Week 2, DQ2 Your breakfast cereal provides 20% of the recommended daily value for fiber and lists whole oats as the first ingredient and brown sugar as the second ingredient. What does this information tell you about whether the cereal is a whole-grain product? What does this information tell you about the amount of added sugar the product contains? Would you recommend this cereal to a friend? Explain your answer. The recommended serving for cereal is one cup…if a single serving of cereal provides 20% of the recommended daily intake for fiber (as in this example)…this would be a good start. Since the first ingredient is whole oats, this indicates that the cereal has a higher concentration of whole oats than any of the cereal’s other ingredients. Since whole oats is listed as its main ingredient, the cereal can be classified as a whole-grain product. The cereal lists brown sugar as
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Unformatted text preview: its second ingredient, indicating that brown sugar is the second ingredient with the most concentration. Brown sugar has less calories than regular white sugar. But care must be exercised in the consumption of brown sugar since brown sugar is denser than regular sugar. If we are to lead a healthy lifestyle, we must control the amount of sugar intake. Too much sugar can act as a toxin in our bodies, robbing us of necessary vitamins. The key to eating food, like the breakfast cereal in this example, is moderation. I would definitely recommend this cereal to a friend, as long as the friend is not on a sugar-restricted diet. Fiber is important for our bodies, in that it aids the body in digesting the food we eat....
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