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Week 3 Assignment 1 - I do believe that self-disclosure is...

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I believe that when reading the article I found most things to be true. But there are some things in the article that I believe are not entirely true. Like how men need to have affective affirmation more than women. I think that two people in a relationship should both be shown the same attention and the same amount of love and support. Everyone has a point in their relationship when they reveal more about themselves to others. I have had this with my current and past relationships; I tend to talk to my boyfriend a lot about having a family and graduating school. With my boyfriend I am an open book and talk to him about what I am scared of, what makes me sad, and will talk to him about my successes and failures in life. But I do understand that a relationship works with two people and I talk to him about what his dreams are what he wants out of life, what makes him happy or upset.
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Unformatted text preview: I do believe that self-disclosure is very important in relationships, everyone wants to know what has happened in their past and everyone wants the best for their significant other, so when you ask questions about their life, their dreams, their hopes, and aspirations. It lets them know that you are interested in what goes on in their lives as well. I have had similarities between relationships; men tend not to see me as a girl but I am referred to as one of the guys, I was never the girl who played with Barbie’s, and played dress up. I grew up in the desert and I rode dirt bikes. I still like to ride bikes and ATVS and spend a lot of time playing game systems with my boyfriend we have a lot in common and tend to have a lot of fun with each other because when he does something I’m right by his side enjoying it as well....
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