Week 3 Assignment 2

Week 3 Assignment 2 - Personal and Interpersonal...

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Unformatted text preview: Personal and Interpersonal communication conflicts can be solved with strategic communications, and self-concept maintenance and development while understanding interpersonal impact of gender and culture. I am planning to cover the principles of misconceptions in interpersonal communication, the process by which self- concept is developed and maintained, ways for people to improve their personal communications and communication competencies, strategies for managing interpersonal conflict, and the understanding the impact of gender and culture on interpersonal communication. The principle of effective interpersonal communication has emerged from the practice of mediation and in particular community mediation which focuses on the nature and quality of relationships and Interpersonal communication. People can achieve effective personal communication by utilizing the following principles: Treat each other with respect, Do not interrupt, understand that we have the right to pass, do not volunteer others, speak only for...
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Week 3 Assignment 2 - Personal and Interpersonal...

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