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Human Resources Study Questions Fall 2009

Human Resources Study Questions Fall 2009 - 1 The Human...

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1 The Human Resource Frame Study Questions Fall 2009 The Human Resource Frame Chapter 6 1. What are the core assumptions of the human resource frame? 2. According to the following theorists, what are the underlying causes of human resource problems? Argyris  McGregor (Theory X and Theory Y)  Maslow 3. These same theorists prescribe managerial solutions for motivating and managing human resource problems, what solutions does each prescribe? 4. Identify the six ways that Chris Argyris identified that employees try to stay sane by  looking for ways to escape the powerlessness and frustrations associated with being in a  job that are defined as narrowly as possible to improve efficiency such as on an  automobile assembly line. Conceptual/Open-ended Questions 1.  Bolman and Deal describe McWane and Nucor as representing opposite poles in a  perennial debate about the relationship between people and organization.  Please describe  these opposite poles. 2. Define the concept of need? 3. What does it mean that the Theory X approach is self-fulfilling?
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2 Chapter 7 1. List the reasons cited in the text as why managers persist in pursuing less effective  strategies than those obtained through high involvement, high performance or high  commitment management practices. 2. As outlined by Bolman and Deal, although every organization with productive people  management has it unique approach, most of their strategies can be captured in six general  strategies.  What are these six basic human resource strategies?
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Human Resources Study Questions Fall 2009 - 1 The Human...

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