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MMG 512 Scenario-Rami Dirani

MMG 512 Scenario-Rami Dirani - Case Scenario Case “Living...

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Unformatted text preview: Case Scenario Case “Living the American Dream” “Living Presented by Presented Rami C. Dirani To To Professor Shirley J. Harrell Professor Cambridge College Cambridge, Massachusetts January 2010 Living the American Dream - 2 Living It was December 22 2009, when I took the plane from Beirut to New York, then to DC and finally to Boston. I m here for a 22 months master’s program in Cambridge College. and This is my new challenging state, living in a new country, in a totally different culture and language and traditions, living on my own without any financial support from my parents, living language single in a house, working more than 70 hours per week to pay my tuition fees and my own bills single after being dependent on my parents for the past. after Let me illustrate what is going on on the the structural, the human resource, the political and the symbolic frames. and On the structural frame, I am losing my stability and the clarity, because I am moving to a new country and changing all my environment, my house, my entourage, the people I used to new meet for the whole of my life, I am facing a new life style… the stability I worked for 24 years meet to get it is now gone and I have to find my new stability in this new world without any help or to support from any one. Moreover I am facing new rules, new laws, new procedures in this new support country, the way I have to drive, act, and interact with people and many other rules that are country, totally different from my home country and that I have to learn it as fast as I can to be able to totally live normally and on the safe side. live On the human resource frame, I am facing the worst state of feeling ever; living on my own far away from my parents, my girl friend, my friends that I am used to go out with each and own every day, away from the places that I used to go to, the people I used to meet here and there, every and the worst is that I am far away from the people who used to support and motivate me. My and feelings are down and no one is here for help, I have to control my emotions and my feelings in feelings away to be able to survive, I have to motivate myself by myself and to fulfill the needed feelings away that I used to get from my parents, my girl friends and my friends. that Living the American Dream - 3 Living On the political frame, I have no network here no coalitions neither in my new work nor in the university, I built a large network in my country starting with my friends, my colleagues in and professional people that I worked with either in the university or in previous work places, and those coalitions and network served me and offered me a lot of opportunities and endorsement. On the symbolic frame I have no shared symbols with my new environment and more, some symbols that I used to utilize in my country have different meanings. My identity here is some different, no one knows me and I feel that I am nobody here. The history and the ceremonies different, related to this country are totally different, things are changing and my habits are altering, I related didn’t celebrate the Thanks giving before, and I forgot to celebrate my country’s independence didn’t on the 22nd of November. on What should I do to be able to survive, to live the 22 months efficiently in USA in a What smooth way and to learn from the people here new ways of living and new styles. smooth On the structural level I am planning to study the new rules of the country and to be familiar with the social structure that form the American community, and being an easy learner familiar person this seems to be easy for me, my self confidence will help me to get involved more and person more in the society and to ask any question that offers me more information, and my flexibility more will help me make that transition and to adapt new style of life, the American style. I have to memorize some rules and laws that are related to my personnel as an international have student and as new citizen to the United States, what right do I have and what obligations I have student to do, what can I and cannot do, what rules and what laws that protect me and could help me to to reach my goals, and what others that stop me from doing so. reach Living the American Dream - 4 Living On the human resource frame a lot of work should be done and a lot of concentration On should be stressed on the emotional intelligence and I mean by emotional intelligence being able should to control my emotions and my feelings in a way that helps me to generate positive outputs and to let not my feelings stops me or disturb me from going forward in my studies and building my let professional career. By controlling my feelings I will be living my days here far away from my professional beloved parents and friends more easily and I will have more time planning for the future and beloved my career, and I will work on myself motivation, imagining my goal and the state I will be in my the future will keep me motivated and give energy to keep walking. the On the political frame I will work on building my network as soon as possible, a network that begins from my entourage starting with my roommates, my coworkers, my colleagues and that my professors, this network shall help me on 2 levels, on the human resource level this network my will helps me to have new friends who could I interact with and on the political level this will network will supports me and may offer me many opportunities that could change my career to network the best. Reducing the conflict with this network is the best way to communicate with because my time is Reducing short in this country, I am here for just 22 months and I should use this time efficiently to short communicate professionally with my entourage and learn as much as I can from the people I communicate meet every day. meet On the symbolic level, first I will have to respect the symbols, the habits and the rituals of this country, as my father taught me “Be respectful to be respected”. Some of the signs that I of use in my home have the opposite meaning here in the US or are forbidden, so I have to be use precautious in using signs and gestures. Reading a book for the body language’s meanings in the US will be very helpful to me, thus I Reading will be using the right signs and gestures without being incorrectly understood. Also reading the will Living the American Dream - 5 Living history of the US will be helpful to respect the historical dates and ceremonies and to understand the meaning of the American holidays. Finally I am like a person newly born in this country but my age is 24 years and wise enough to Finally build my new personality, my new identity, to eliminate some of the weak points and to build accentuate the positive points in it. Peoples here will get to know me as for my new identity and my new styles and personality, so I Peoples have the chance to show them my best because they don’t know my past so they will judge me have on the picture I show it to them in the present. on As a result this is an opportunity to me to focus and work on my personality, to live on my own and be dependent, to explore my strengths and to eliminate my weaknesses, to learn my from the professional people I meet in this proficient society, to live the American dream on the from American territories. American ...
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