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Cambridge College Fall 2009 Assignment 2 The Blue Tooth’s Communication Style Course: MMG691 – Management Seminar I (Self-Diagnosis and professional Development) Instructor: Dr. Sharon Ann Wulf Students: Kim Dinh, Rami Dirani, Andrew Afakirya, and Owen Otubu We chose “The Blue Tooth” to name our team because we would like to tell everybody that our team’s communication style is pretty much similar to the advantages of Blue-Tooth 1 |  P a g e
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Cambridge College Fall 2009 technology. In priority, we would like to have abilities to succeed in communication with everybody surrounding us, especially people who are close to us. We neither hesitate to communicate with any individual nor leave behind anyone in our community. We want to link all these people together and proactively gather their potential to reach the community’s purposes effectively. Our team has four members and each of us fits very well to one of the four communication styles: reflector; driver; socializer; and relator. Kim is the only female member in our team. She often appears in our group with a gentle smile, stays very calm, and usually listens to all supporting ideas from the team’s members. Then she gathers all those ideas to make a plan for our team to carry out. She also has a touch of creativity. She gives the initial idea for the group to discuss, but often seems to lack of excitement on the idea. Instead of showing her excitement, she quietly tries to figure out how to make the idea become real once our team has a final decision to work on that idea. However,
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The_Blue_Tooth_paper - Cambridge College Fall 2009...

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