Conflict Mngt Paper - APA writing Standard

Conflict Mngt Paper - APA writing Standard - Cambridge...

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Cambridge College – Fall 2009 Assignment 3 Conflict Resolution and Style Approaches – A collaborative writing of the Bluetooth Team Course: MMG691 – Management Seminar I (Self-Diagnosis and Professional Development) Instructor: Dr. Sharon Ann Wulf Students: Kim Dinh, Rami Dirani, Andrew Afakirya, Chika Anyanwu, and Owen Otubu What Team Bluetooth thought conflict is? Conflict is coming into collision or disagreement in needs, values, or interests. It can refer to revolutions or other struggles. Conflicts arise from situations 1 | P a g e
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Cambridge College – Fall 2009 where the individuals or parties involved have divergent views/opinions in probably addressing an issue or when there is disparity in the methods used in tackling a problem. We all have a unique style for dealing with conflict. Understanding these styles and how others perceive their own conflict styles, enables people to improve their skills in managing and resolving conflicts. Conflict can occur from many areas; the main causes or reasons why conflict comes about has to do with the issue of diversity, which often leads to false stereotypes. It could be differences between two individuals’ points of views, groups, parties, norms or values, attitudes, necessity or needs etc. Each conflict management style has different strengths and weaknesses, and we all display them in one way or the other. Chika is a new member of our team. When she encounters a conflict situation she usually asks herself questions like: what personality trait can be used to solve such a conflict? What must she need to know to address this conflict situation? What will be the after effect of the conflict? What suggestion does the other person have concerning the issue? All answers to these questions would and has helped her to identify her conflict approach style in problem solving, which are collaboration or avoidance approaches. In the collaboration style approach, she is a type of person that asserts her views and invites or welcomes views or opinions from the other party involved in a conflict situation. She has been in a controversial situation of five individuals in her team, where some people emphasized and enforced their opinions, while the others were still struggling to get their points across. She had to bring the conversation to a halt, in order to let other individuals in the group voice out their opinions and suggestions. She did that with the hope of achieving a mutual agreement amongst everyone in the team, due to the fact that she cares about the feelings and views of other people, concerning any given situation. Most times, she considers the effect of conflict before reacting to it. An example was a situation where she had to avoid a conflict situation at a convenience store. A
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Conflict Mngt Paper - APA writing Standard - Cambridge...

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