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rami conflict mgt model

rami conflict mgt model - who are making the problem he...

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Rami Dirani is one of the high assertive people and high cooperative person who is known for his positiveness, he is very collaborative and look always to solve the problem however big it is or hard to solve and whenever it is hard to solve he find this as a challenging situation and he puts all his energy and forces to succeed in it. When Rami will have a problem either in the family or in the place work first off all he tries to identify what is the main problem, he focus on the core and then he will start thinking about affordable and feasible solutions that can be taken to solve the problem as soon as possible. Rami refuses to postpone any issue until a better time because he think that if the problem is not solved in a quick time and even if it is not affecting anybody, he think that it will be not generating positive outcome so we will be in a negative situation. He always think about the situation from several viewpoints, he tries to understand the people
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Unformatted text preview: who are making the problem, he step in their shoes and tries to imagine what solution could satisfy the parts of the conflicts. If he s a part in the problem he try to zoom from the state and be neutral so he can understand well his point of view and the other point of view, if he’s right than his personality will tend to be more conflict participant if the other part is not convinced that he is right and he should win the conflict; if the other part is right than Rami will try to apologize in a respectful way without damaging his image, and if the problem is so complex he is able to ask for a help from a close friend and listen to his judge. Rami always try to be a nice person, but sometimes he fails because of a lack in communication especially in his work place and to whom he reports to, because he cannot stand it when other people control his destiny or his performance....
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