ILP Handbook - part2_sept09Planning Assignments[1] Wulf

ILP Handbook - part2_sept09Planning Assignments[1] Wulf -...

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BRAINSTORMING POSSIBLE TOPICS Brainstorm with your Advisor, classmates, and/or colleagues, and narrow down your ideas to the three best possible ILP topics. Describe each below. Name: Rami Dirani Date: 11/30/2009 1. Topic “WHITE” Description: White is the name of a Lebanese based company that her main focus is going to be on organizing wedding ceremonies from A to Z, and her competitive advantage will be the high quality offered and the low prices and covering all the Lebanese territory. 2. Topic “Green Energy” Description: Green energy will be the first company in Lebanon to introduce the green energy system to the Lebanese market, windmills and solar systems. The premier market will be the big companies and manufacturers, and the municipalities in small towns. 3. Topic Improving the management system in Lebanon Description: Many Lebanese companies lack a good management system, being theory X managers, treating employee with humiliation, unethical and unprofessional ways. A revolution is needed in the management thoughts so managers respect their employees and perceive them as their most valuable assets for the company and those companies are present to serve human not the opposite. MM ILP Handbook/September 2009
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ILP Handbook - part2_sept09Planning Assignments[1] Wulf -...

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