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1st assignmet - Cambridge College School of Management MMG...

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Cambridge College School of Management MMG 735 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Fall 2009 Name: Rami Dirani ID #: 188448 Instructor: Sharon Ann Wulf, PhD
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MMG 735 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management My passion in life is public relation, to meet new people and, knowledge, to know new things that already exist like history and theories and things that will come up soon like new technologies, I have a passion in nature, the wild nature. I believe that everything begins from GOD and ends by GOD, GOD has the ultimate power, he is watching us every second so we should respect his presence with us as much as we can, and we should learn with times to respect him more and more. I also believe that we should do no harm for any one and we should seek to help others and help our communities to push forward to a higher level, I believe that whatever you grown know you will harvest later so do your best and never give up, I believe that we have 2 destiny, one is positive and one is negative and man is the only one who can decide which one to go for, being positive and optimistic will lead you to achieve your success. Optimism is one of my key talents, that I always work to improve it, magnify it and us it in the right way to get my desired output, and coming from different background made from me a multitask person, I have a good knowledge in many things and I love to know what is happening around me and what is going on, so If I am in different situations I can handle the job. People tell me how smart I am but I tell myself how foolish m I, it s just a way to push myself to learn more and more, like a magnetic I feel I need to grab new information and ideas, some people see in me an innovative person although I am doing usual things, and people appreciate my integrity, I believe that human being without integrity become being without human, I am a risk taker person known for my courage and sometimes I do it without planning or thinking about the consequences. Sincerity and my honesty made my girl friend fall in love with me even we look
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1st assignmet - Cambridge College School of Management MMG...

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