bus 515 2nd ass

bus 515 2nd ass - Assignment #2 Delta Plastics Inc....

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Assignment #2 “Delta Plastics Inc.” Presented by Rami C. Dirani To Dr. Travis O. Davidson Strayer University Arlington, VA January 31, 2011 1- Identify the different costs of quality described in the case.
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Delta Plastics Inc. Explain the trade-offs between the costs that delta made in its decision. Was George Chadwick correct that conducting more tests was unnecessary? In this case, it was clearly mentioned that the R&D was doing a lot of research and tests in order to improve the quality of this new plastic called later on “super plastic”. When George Chadwick said that millions of dollars had already been spent on design and testing, he was talking about the quality control cost which include the prevention cost, the cost of preparing and implementing a quality plan, and the appraisal cost, the cost of testing, evaluating and inspecting quality. In this phase of pre-production, the R&D was testing and making audit on the product and the materials used and trying to improve it to make sure that quality standards are met and minimize the possibility of future production defects. That includes the cost of labor and time spent measuring quality and the cost of equipment used for quality appraisal. When the decision was taken to start the production and after 4 weeks of production, Jose de
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bus 515 2nd ass - Assignment #2 Delta Plastics Inc....

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