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bus 526 2nd ass

bus 526 2nd ass - Assignment#2 Integrative Negotiations...

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Assignment #2 “Integrative Negotiations” Presented by Rami C. Dirani To Dr. Travis O. Davidson Strayer University Arlington, VA May 5 th , 2011 Outline the steps you would take following an integrative negotiations strategy.
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Integrative Negotiations 2 As defined by Brad Splanger a professional research assistant at the university of Colorado conflict research consortium, integrative bargaining (also called "interest-based bargaining," "win-win bargaining") is a negotiation strategy in which parties collaborate to find a "win-win" solution to their dispute. This strategy focuses on developing mutually beneficial agreements based on the interests of the disputants. Interests include the needs, desires, concerns, and fears important to each side. They are the underlying reasons why people become involved in a conflict. (Splanger, 2003) "Integrative refers to the potential for the parties' interests to be [combined] in ways that create joint value or enlarge the pie. (Watkins, Michael, Rosegrant, 2001). The first step in integrative bargaining is identifying each side's interests. This will take some work by the negotiating parties. My interest as an employee is to get the shadow job at the department that I always wanted to work for, I want to take this opportunity and try to win the job in 6months. My boss interest is to keep the work going on in his department, as me being a good employee I guess he don’t want to lose me by moving to another department, because if he want to replace me it’s going to cost him time and money to get the right person, train him and get him ready so he can take my place when I leave the job. I Believe that my manager is trying to close doors on my opportunity to move because he don’t want to lose me as an employee, he is trying to put some barriers in my way. On the other hand he is right when he said that I didn’t
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bus 526 2nd ass - Assignment#2 Integrative Negotiations...

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