AC300-03_Unit 4_Assignment_03-11_Marjorie Bowden

AC300-03_Unit 4_Assignment_03-11_Marjorie Bowden -...

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Unformatted text preview: P3-11Name:Marjorie Bowden1 & 2. Enter the accounts and appropriate amounts in the shaded cells.An asterisk (*) will appear next to an incorrect amount in the outlined cells.FIORILLO COMPANYWorksheetFor Year Ended December 31, 2010Retained EarningsTrial BalanceAdjustmentsIncome StatementStatement BalanceAccount TitlesDebitCreditDebitCreditDebitCreditDebitCreditDebitCash1,900 1,900 Accounts Receivable4,700 4,700 Allowance for doubtful accounts60 240 Inventory8,700 8,700 Prepaid Insurance600 175 425 Land4,100 4,100 Building38,000 38,000 Accumulated Depreciaition (building)11,500 1,100 Equipment10,700 10,700 Accumulated Depreciaition (equip.)3,100 600 Accounts Payable4,300 Notes payable (due March 11,2011)1,400 Unearned rent1,200 800Mortgage payable (due Jan 1, 2011)7,300 Capital stock (2000 shares)10,000 Retained earnings (Jan 1, 2010)18,075 18,075 Dividends Distributed1,300 1,300 Sales Revenue49,355 49,355 Cost of Goods Sold27,185 27,185 Salaries Expense4,080 370 4,450 utilities Expense2,000 2,000 Office Supply Expense770 230 540 Delivery Expense1,275 1,275 Other Expense980 980 Totals106,290 106,290 Accumulated Depreciation Expense1,700 1,700 bad debt expense240 240 Interest Expense580 580 Interest Payable580 Insurance Expense175 175...
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AC300-03_Unit 4_Assignment_03-11_Marjorie Bowden -...

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