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AC300-03 Unit 2 Assignment Marjorie Bowden C1-9 Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are required for a company reporting information in financial statements. The US and International GAAP was created by several different standards boards. These standards boards include the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). A final standard is issued by the FASB after procedures, research, public hearings, and deliberations of the topic. There are several other organizations that also influence GAAP. They include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF), Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the American Accounting Association
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Unformatted text preview: (AAA). C1-12 In a situation of this nature, I would first speak with my friend and explain that these actions are unacceptable. I would explain that one can’t learn from cheating, and it will only hurt them in the future. I would then let my friend know, regardless of our relationship, if this behavior was to occur again with my knowledge, I would be obligated to report it. The grade difference is really not relevant to the steps I would take. Even if my friend had made a failing grade, I would do the same thing. It is my belief that everyone should be honest and responsible for learning the material and information given. By missing an answer, one will know where more emphasis should be placed in future learning or what needs to be reviewed....
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