MT311-02_Unit 6_Assignment_Marjorie Bowden

MT311-02_Unit 6_Assignment_Marjorie Bowden - inadequate...

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Specific Performance Page 1 of 3 Specific Performance Marjorie Bowden MT311-02
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Specific Performance Page 2 of 3 Of the choices given for a court granting specific performance as a remedy for the breach of contract I chose (c) Juan contracts to purchase a rare coin from Edmund, who is breaking up his coin collection. At the last minute, Edmund decides to keep his coin collection intact and refuses to deliver the coin to Juan. Specific performance is defined as an equitable remedy requiring exactly the performances that was specified; usually granted only when monetary damages would be an
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Unformatted text preview: inadequate remedy and the subject matter of the contract is unique. In the above case a court might grant specific performance. Specific performance calls for the act promised in the contract. Coins are often unique and monetary damages will not enable the buyer to obtain substantially identical substitutes in the market. Specific Performance Page 3 of 3 References: Miller, R. L., & Jentz, G. A. (2008). Fundamentals of business law part i. Mason, OH: Cengage Learning....
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MT311-02_Unit 6_Assignment_Marjorie Bowden - inadequate...

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