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Are affirmative Action programs needed

Are affirmative Action programs needed - I believe...

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I believe affirmative action programs are very much needed in todays society. I believe on any given day, you can ask 100 different people and each person will give you a different reason why affirmative action programs are good or bad for society. Affirmative action was first introduced by President Kennedy in 1961. Affirmative action was a method of redressing discrimination that had persisted in spite of civil rights laws and constitutional guarantees. Even though affirmative action was introduced by President Kennedy it was developed and enforced for the first time by President Johnson. As I go through the pros and cons of affirmative action one can begin to see why some people react the way they do to affirmative action programs and why the City of New Haven decided to reject the test results based on the lack of minority representation. Affirmative action was described to be the next and more profound stage of the battle for civil rights. Law makers believed that Americans should seek not just equality as a right and a theory, but equality as a fact and as a result. Affirmative action focused particularly on education and jobs. Affirmative action policies required that active measures be taken to ensure that blacks and other minorities enjoyed the same opportunities for promotions, salary increases, career advancement, school admission, scholarships, and financial aid that had been nearly an exclusive domain for whites. When affirmative action was introduced it was initially only envisioned to be a temporary remedy that would end once there was a level playing field for all Americans. No one knew that these affirmative action laws would become so murky and unclear. When affirmative action laws were put into play no one ever realized it would spark a huge number of reverse discrimination lawsuits. People against affirmative action feel that whites who work harder and are more qualified can be passed over strictly because they are white. They also feel affirmative action programs lowers the standards of accountability needed to push students and employees to perform better. For instance, if a minority student can get into Yale with a 3.1 grade- point average, why should she push to get a 4.0? They feel, students admitted under these basis are
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usually not well equipped to handle the schools to which they've been admitted. Another con is some may feel it demeans true minority achievement, meaning that success may be labeled as affirmative action rather than hard work and ability. People for affirmative action disagrees with all the points I just presented for numerous reasons.
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Are affirmative Action programs needed - I believe...

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