Jim crow laws - Garrett Johnson English 121 How Jim crow laws enslaved blacks and how they kept whites and blacks separated Introduction According

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Garrett Johnson October 20, 2008 English 121 “How “Jim crow laws” enslaved blacks and how they kept whites and blacks separated “ Introduction According to research Dr.Young L Kevin (2007) says “how Jim Crow laws affected African Americans, He states: It would depend upon the individual and their social status in US society during the Jim Crow era. It is my impression that most African Americans submitted themselves to these laws; sometimes without resistance. The effects of Jim Crow laws were psychological, social and political. The psychology was simply that blacks were inferior and thereby had to legal standing to share the same level of services and other amenities that the so called "whites" allegedly enjoyed. The social effects dealt with employment, housing and the legal effects with equal protection under the law. There remains an element of our community that yet exhibits the tenets of the Jim Crow laws in the fore stated areas. The word “Jim Crow” in the 50s and 60s put fear into southern black’s lives. Jim Crow laws enslaved blacks and kept the black race and the white race separate. Jim Crow laws put fear into the black man’s eyes and made them fear the “white man”. These laws put a strangle hold on African American people’s lives with their unfairness and hate for us. These Unwritten laws made blacks seem inferior to whites in numerous ways. Blacks had to struggle to get everything in the south, they had to struggle with the right to vote, sit in restaurants, get a good sit on buses, even to use a good bathroom. We couldn’t even walk on the same side walk as them when they
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walked past. We had to call them “sir” as to if we still were their masters They made us look at ourselves as aliens and gave use the back end of everything. With these unwritten laws only a certain amount of blacks (very few) could actually go out and make something of themselves. Whites put fear into blacks that if they didn’t cooperate that they would kill them. White supremacist would lynch burn, have picnics while lynching, and do just about anything to put fear into African Americans lives so that they would stay down. Jim Crow laws ensured that Whites and blacks would remain separate in all areas of public places. They had segregation laws on buses, trains, in schools (until brown vs. board of education), in restaurants, and just about everywhere. Even though the fact that separating them was unconstitutional. “The beginning of Jim Crow” According to McElrath, Jessica (2008) The Supreme Court set the stage for Jim Crow laws by several of its decisions. The Court held that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 (the act stated that everyone regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude, was entitled to the same treatment in public accommodations) was unconstitutional and ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment did not prohibit individuals and private organizations from discriminating on the basis of race. To me that was a cope out rule because of racial discrimination against blacks in
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Jim crow laws - Garrett Johnson English 121 How Jim crow laws enslaved blacks and how they kept whites and blacks separated Introduction According

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