gestures - people is to when I did use it. Gestures help me...

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Garrett Johnson October 12, 2008 Fundamentals of speech Gestures Gestures are movements of the hands and/or body that express meaning towards what you’re saying. Gestures are natural movements that happen in our everyday personal lives. When we give speeches or just even talk on an everyday basis, we don’t even recognize that we’re doing them. Using Gestures help you relax in some cases because they’re comfortable and extremely effortless. Gesture helps our speech look lively, expression our interest towards the speech, and in some cases help the audience understand what the speaker is talking about. Gestures helped me in all sorts of dialogue in life not just in speech. I can remember when I didn’t use gestures to talk to people, it seemed like it didn’t have the same effect on
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Unformatted text preview: people is to when I did use it. Gestures help me explain certain things and clear up word confusion that I might have. If I use gesture on certain words or ideas that Im stuck on, using gestures help me get what Im trying to say out. Gesture that I use to do speeches for some reason helps me relax. When Im relaxed that helps me do a better job on my speech. In conclusion, using gestures can be very helpful to a speakers speech. It can help them relax, explain what theyre saying, and emphasize their speech. Gestures are just natural movements of the body, so if you feel the need to use them feel free to do so; they can only help your speech in a positive way. The question I have is what are the many different types of gestures?...
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gestures - people is to when I did use it. Gestures help me...

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