speech 4 - some of them say that Lebron James is better....

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Garrett Johnson October 7, 2008 Fundamentals of speech Realistic views about changing your audience’s minds You have to be very realistic about changing the minds of the audience. Most likely in a short speech you’re not going to change the opinions the audience have on a certain topic. There just isn’t much time for you to do it. Most likely if your audience isn’t willing care to change their views on a certain topic your best efforts are even going to fail. It’s like talking to a wall it won’t listen to you. But if your audience is open for change then you’re going to be more successful at that particular speech. For example, my friends and I fight over this one topic all the time. Who is the better basketball player between Kobe Bryant and Lebron James? I say that Kobe Bryant is better;
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Unformatted text preview: some of them say that Lebron James is better. This subject turns into a heated battle between the Kobe Bryant lovers and the Lebron James lovers. What I found out about this type of situation is that if that person doesn’t want to change their views about what they’re debating about then again it’s like talking to a wall. In conclusion it’s best to get an audience that’s willing to listen and change. If you have an audience that just wants to stick to what they believe in then there’s no point. Don’t waste valuable information on unwanted ears it’s not worth it. The best chance you have is to just respect their views and go on with that. My question is that if you can’t really change their views about a certain topic is there any point in debating with them....
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speech 4 - some of them say that Lebron James is better....

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