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Garrett Johnson September 21, 2008 Fundamentals of speech Outline 1) Introduction a) Hello class my speech is going to be about the basics on understanding the game of football. b) First off this speech is for the ones who don’t understand the game and helping them figure it out. By a show of hands how many of you understand the game of football. c) I’m going to help you guys understand football with these 3 main points: The field, Down and distance, methods of scoring. 2) The body A) The field 1) According to James Alder (2008) learning the exact dimensions of the field is not necessarily that important, but it is good to have a basic knowledge of the field itself. 2) • The playing field is 100 yards long. • It has stripes running across the field at five-yard intervals. • There are shorter lines, called hash marks , marking each one-yard interval. (not shown) • On each end of the playing field is an end zone (red section with diagonal lines) which extends ten yards. • The total field is 120 yards long and 160 feet wide. • Located on the very back line of each end zone is a goal post . • The spot where the end zone meets the playing field is called the goal line. • The yardage from the goal line is marked at ten-yard intervals, up to the 50-yard line, which is in the center of the field. After reaching the 50-yard line, the yardage markers start to descend (40, 30, 20, 10) every ten yards until they reach the opposite goal line.
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inform outline - Garrett Johnson September 21, 2008...

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