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Garrett Johnson September 16, 2008 Fundamental’s of speech Introduction of your speech The introduction of your speech is very important to your speech. It is the first option to capture your audience’s attention. The introduction can make the audience more willing to listen to your speech or make them fall asleep. The introduction is the preview of the speech and makes the audience understand the speech better. It’s like a first impression when you meet someone, you would know whether or not you’ll like them or not. For my introductions for a speech presentation first I introduce myself. I tell what
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Unformatted text preview: I’m talking about, why I’m talking about it, and then tell my main points of the speech. Doing this isn’t just the right way of doing a speech introduction to me; this concept helps calm me down before I explain what I’m talking about. I use this to get my audience and grab their attention. The introduction is important because it’s the first impression. It reveals to the audience rather you are worth listen too or not. It makes or breaks your speech. Which means how you prepare your speech is important. Establish your credibility and make your speech worth while....
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