case study 1 - to Ms Ayala personally about what happened...

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Garrett Johnson Sept 13, 2008 Robert twells COB 200L Case Study 1. A human finger found in a women’s chili at Wendy’s. The media’s major focus on the story and placed heavy demands on Mr. Lynch. Officials had released a photo of the finger to the media. That eliminated any ease the public had felt from learning that Wendy’s created no risks for public health. Wendy’s also got bad press from outside sources. 2. I Would like Mr. Lynch to reach Dave Thomas the founder of Wendy’s and talk about a formal investigation of the situation. He should probably talk to Bob Bertini about what he knows about what happened. Mr. Lynch is the vice president of communications so he should hold a meeting with the important people of the Wendy’s organization. Tell them how to handle the situation properly and don’t panic. He should tell them to calm down and take it slow. 3. Wendy’s should immediately investigate what happened. They should talk
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Unformatted text preview: to Ms. Ayala personally about what happened. They should do something for their stakeholders to ensure them of their safety. Give their stakeholders and customers updates about the situation. 4. First they should give immediate coverage to the situation. Give updates about the situation. Make sure the Wendy’s restaurants are clean. They have to give it time and stick to their value that’s lead by their founder that made them successful. They have to tell the stakeholders everything about what is happening. 5. Wendy’s care about their customers well being. They have to have concern for their stakeholders. They have to immediately tell them that they’re sticking to the values of the company that has made them so successful. Communicate with them that they’re still making a profit on the business. Tell them that they’re still going to be very loyal to them....
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case study 1 - to Ms Ayala personally about what happened...

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