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Garrett Johnson Fundamentals of speech September 9, 2008 1) Introduction a) I everybody My name is Garrett Johnson and im going to tell you about myself today. b) The things that make me who I am c) My bible, basketball, my keys 2) Body a) Bible-The bible has helped me change my life from what it was. Without it my life would have been what it was and that was me being foolish and not caring for what God wanted me to do. It has given me structure and a way b) Basketball-Basketball is my first love since I was 9. I still love basketball up till this day even though im not playing it anymore.
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Unformatted text preview: Basketball provides me with something to do and keeps me busy. I can pretty much play it all day ! c) Last but not least are my keys! My keys are the key to my life and college life. If I didn’t have my keys I wouldn’t be able to get into my house or dorm. 3) Conclusion a)Well my bible, basketball, and keys are pretty much the basics of who I am. b)If you want know anymore about me just ask. c) Thanks for listing and good luck to the rest of the class...
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