Garrett Johnson - speeching. First-twelth grade I’ve had...

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Garrett Johnson September 7, 2008 Fundamentals of speech Nervousness in public speaking Many people in the world we know today have trouble with public speaking. Some have trouble with just certain topics of discuss(trait anxiety), others with just a certain topic(state anxiety). In some cases others may not have trouble at all but, that’s not what im going to discuss. Certain people may feel nervous because they want to do well on there topic of discussion, While others have no confidence at all because they either haven’t done it or aren’t use to doing it. Some don’t do well in front of crowd’s or there afraid of there mind blanking in front of everyone and embarrasing themselves. Anticipation is probably the key to most nervous not just in speech but in anything which involves a crowd. I myself have more of a state anxiety. Ill be nervous a little more depending on how serious the topic is. From personal experience my nervousness of public speaking has died down. I would say the reason is because I’ve had lots of experience doing public
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Unformatted text preview: speeching. First-twelth grade I’ve had to speak in public containing mostly class project, poems,and school fairs. The one speech I did I really was nervous about was doing a sermon in front of my whole church. I was really nervous and worried about it the whole week I had to prepare for it. What made me look at it in a good light was that I had looked at it as a wonderful opportunity that God’s was giving to me and I was going to take full advantage of and which I did! Public speaking is hard for some and almost impossible for others but, with the proper teaching and preparation it can be done. When I get nervous about public speaking I just think of the positives and expect that falling isnt an option. Most of all perpare yourself and ask for help if you need it. That’s what your teachers and parents are for!the question I have for this topic is how to handle trembling and/or shaking during a speech?...
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Garrett Johnson - speeching. First-twelth grade I’ve had...

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